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Life is Dynamic and Can Improve

Had a Challenging Time

It will pass. Think of what is good; what is right; what will soon be better.

Once I was shunned: Eventually my efforts were admired.

I was only seeing my imperfection: Now I see my strengths.

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I began ignorant and selfish but learned to do better and care about others.

From blind to aware.

From waiting on others to do for me to do for others; to serve.

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In the mirror I was ugly wasted time trying to change but the accepted who I am. Turns out not so bad after all.

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The Universe Self Aware

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You are part of the Universe and you are conscious


This makes you a portal by which the Universe is self aware.  If you believe in GOD this does not diminish the significance of this. Your senses are made of the stuff that the Universe is made up of; the Universe sees, hears, feels and knows through your unique time and place something of itself. You also learn to understand the nature of existence, count and calculate and manipulate its physical properties in many ways.  Some say we are bound for the stars, others say we are star stuff but, we are that and so much more, we are the Universe Self Aware.

SONG: Song of The Universe by Bronkar Lee


NASA Space Sounds

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What Can Make You Feel Beautiful?

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How you embrace life will make you beautiful from inside out . . .

Connie Talbot – Inner Beauty   SONG LINK:


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A pregnant woman shines with a beauty all her own; many people even take notice enough to mention this. You can acquire a similar radiance whether you are a man or a woman when you reach beyond yourself and help, encourage or love others. This “love” can be platonic or the love you have for your mate. The important aspect is, these positive feelings produce a positive person and that allows good to radiate from you. You then will be noticed and become beautiful.

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When we grow from children to adolescence we often are abused and the abuse leads to having an negative opinion of ourselves. 

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Reject that and give life another chance. You can find your own way with your own friends and take the positive road avoiding the perpetuation of abuse and a negative cycle.

Having a spiritual relationship can help you also; there are several components to what makes us whole and unique.
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You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful

Think Beauty – image

So we may have imperfections but these allow us to be unique and also allow someone to love you without condition. Song: Joe Cocker – You are so Beautiful (soft sound)

The Surface varies and Changes . . .

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What really matters? Unconditional Love.

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Katy Perry – Unconditionally (Official) (loud volume)

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Let’s Start at the Bottom and Rise up

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I struggled with depression . . .

. . . for many years this was so, even after I conquered alcoholism and was plagued by troubled relationships.

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Through many years bumpy roads, stormy seas and dark sad days often . . .

. . . feeling broken even as a Christian but, I never gave up. Substance yielded to free will a third marriage succeeded. Yes life still has challenges and for me? Sometimes I can still feel alone in a crowd.

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If you reach out someone will return the touch . . .

. . . that you long for if you hang in and keep trying. Hold your head up and offer kindness and love.

Poets of the Fall – Love Will Come to You

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Let Your Kindness Shine

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Don’t hide in a glooming room come out into the light. Don’t hide your kindness let it shine bright. Love and be loved for this is what makes for a joyful life.
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Give it a try.

Lack Self Esteem?

In this world too many are beauty blind.

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Yes you have probably heard it all before: “Its what’s inside that counts.” My lovely friend, it is.

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Physical beauty is as a vapor in the morning breeze: now you see it now you don’t. How does another see you true worth?

Inner Beauty – image

First they must take the time to know you. They must see how you care for others and how you value friendship and love. Your way may be very different than the surface film of temporal beauty.  Believe me if you ever were left abandoned by the one you loved it is no easy matter to overcome.

Forsaken – image

Heap love and kindness upon the hurting and you will reap love and kindness in this world. It may be from an entirely different person but, it is like putting emotional currency in your heart and it adds up and, shows.

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